Get started with 
Contacts & addresses
Add people and addresses to your account, create group mailing lists, and help your team manage their contacts.
Setup for administrators
Follow these steps to set up your team's contacts, addresses, and mailing lists.
Learning resources for your team
Help your team learn to manage their contacts. Visit the Learning Center.
What you can do with contacts & addresses

Add team members and extra addresses

Create a primary email address ( for every member of your team. You can also give people extra addresses by creating email aliases, without paying for additional user licenses.

Build group mailing lists

Set up group aliases for departments or project teams, like You can then send email to the entire group, invite them to meetings, or share a document—using a single address.

Bring your contacts with you

Import your contact information from your previous address book. You can migrate your team’s data for them or help them do it themselves.