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  Verify you own your domain

Before you can use Google Apps with your domain, you need to show us that you own it. Verifying domain ownership takes only a few minutes and doesn't affect your current mail or website.

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  Add your team

Create user accounts for each person in your organization who will be using Google Apps. This gives them a user name for signing in to their account, and a Google Apps email address. Add 10 users during your free trial, then add everyone else after you set up billing.

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  Activate your business email address

When you're ready to begin using mail with Google Apps, change your domain's MX records to route mailflow to Google servers. To begin, sign to your Admin console and click the Direct email to Google Apps Mail link at the top of your Dashboard. The Setup Wizard will then guide you through the process.

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  Set up mobile devices

Sync your Google Apps mail, contacts, and calendar data with your Android, iPhone, BlackBerry®, or Windows Mobile device.

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  Import mail, calendar, and contacts

Optionally copy your existing email, calendar events, and contacts to Google Apps. Import data directly from Microsoft Outlook, a webmail account, or other mail server.

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  Use your favorite mail client

If you'd rather access your email in Microsoft Outlook® instead of the Gmail web interface, you can install our plug-in for Outlook. You also sync email with many other desktop email programs (such as Apple Mail) using IMAP.

  See more setup options

Easily step through all setup options, such as creating mailing lists, adding calendar resources, creating custom web addresses, and more using the Google Apps Setup wizard.

Step through all setup options using the Google Apps Setup Wizard!

As Google Apps administrator, sign in to your Admin console at Then open Setup from the gear menu. We'll walk you through each option, step-by-step.

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