Launch Google Groups for Business in your organization      

With Google Groups for Business, teams, workgroups, and public communities can hold online discussions.

Follow our launch plan to accelerate adoption among your users and help them make the most of this powerful tool!

Create a collabarative inbox 2:00

Resources for IT administrators
Adoption plan Plan how to best educate your users about Google Groups for Business.
Discovery survey Make a copy of this form and send it to your users to learn how your company can use Google Groups for Business most effectively.
Email template Make a company announcement about adopting Google Groups for Business.
Switching from the classic Google Groups?
Switch guide See how the new Google Groups for Business is different from the classic Groups.
Presentation Teach your users about the new Google Groups for Business. To create a copy to customize, open the presentation and choose File > Make a copy.

Resources for your users

Once you launch Google Groups for Business in your organization, point your users to these resources to get them started.

Send users to our support site
User learning center Find guides and videos on creating different types of groups (for group owners and managers), and performing common tasks.
Customize guides for your own support site (also available if you build your site with our custom Sites template).
User guides  Perform common tasks with Google Groups for Business.
Collaborative inbox video 2:00 video: Learn to use Google Groups as a collaborative inbox.
Best practice guides  For group owners and managers. Create different types of groups, such as a collaborative inbox, Q&A forum, and more.