Resource library User Guides
To help you get your users get up-to speed with Google Apps, we’ve built a library of short guides on using Gmail, calendar, online documents, and other core apps. Use these guides as is, or customize them for your deployment.

All user guides are hosted at our public learning center

Point users to our ready-to-use guides

  • Send users to our public user learning center, where they'll always find the latest versions of our user guides.
  • Or link to any of the guides below from your own support site. As we update the guides, your guides are updated, too!

Customize guides for your own support site

  • Deploy your support site using our user learning center template, which includes all our user guides. You can then optionally customize many of the guides for your site (follow the instructions in the template).
  • Or copy and then modify any of the customizable guides below, and add links to them on your own support site.

Note: If you customize a guide, it won't automatically update when we update the public version.

Feb 18, 2015, 7:01 PM