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The Google Apps Learning Center

Our Google Apps Learning Center includes everything your team needs to make the transition to Google Apps.

Get training guides, tips, customer examples, and other resources to work smarter and master Apps for the workplace.

Google Apps Show
The Google Apps YouTube channel

Did you know that Google Apps has its very own YouTube show? 

Join Googlers Debbie and John for 5 informative minutes every week to get the latest tips and tricks on a wide range of Google Apps topics. 

Communicate to your teamCommunicate the switch to your organization 

Use our customizable communication templates to announce to your organization that you're switching to Google Apps. 

These template are intended to be used with our change management guides to help your organization transition smoothly to Google Apps. 

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Build your support team

We recommend a few steps to make the management of your Google Apps account a little easier. 

Why not make another user in your organization an administrator, so you can share some the tasks? You can customize what they can do in Apps. You can also make it easier for your users to reach you by adding your support contact details on their sign-in page, or creating your own Help Desk. 

If you want to take it a step further, your support team can get certified as administrators or deployment specialists. 

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Choose your languageLocalized resources & accessibility

Users who speak a language other than English can take advantage of our localized resources. These include user guides, Help Centers, video captions, and product interfaces. 

Download google icons & logos

Download Google Apps icons & logos

You can download Google Apps logos and icons in various sizes to add to your training documents and make it easy for your team to quickly identify the different Google Apps products.