Localized training resources
Users who speak a language other than English can take advantage of our localized resources. These include user guides, Help Centers, video captions, and product interfaces. 

Help centers

All Google Apps Help Centers are localized in several languages. For example, your users can view the Gmail Help Center in over 40 languages.

To change the language for a Help Center, simply choose the language in the Change Language menu in the lower-right corner of any Help Center page.

Video captions

The Google Apps YouTube channel provides several eLearning videos with localized captions. Here's how your users can turn on these captions:
1. Visit the Google Apps channel on YouTube.
2. Click Playlists above the video viewer. On the right, you'll find several playlists with eLearning videos for your users, such as Product overviews and tours
3. At the bottom of the video viewer, click the Closed Captions icon to turn on captions.
4. Point your mouse over the Closed Captions icon to open the Caption Actions menu. Select Translation Captions:
5. On the menu that appears, select a language.

Product interfaces

Google Mail, Calendar, Docs, and other product interfaces are available in many different languages. The language setting is available under Settings in the upper-right corner of a product page. For example, to change the display language for Google Mail:

1. Click Options gear menu in the upper-right corner of the page, and then click Mail settings.
2. Choose another language from the Language drop-down list.
3. Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.

Important: Some product features are not available in all languages. Also, new features are initially available only in the English interfaces.

For more information about available languages for Google product interfaces: