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Our interactive tours are a fast, fun way for users to learn their way around their Google Apps. Start with individual apps, like Gmail, Drive, and Calendar, or take our training for a more in-depth look at all three! Point users to our publicly hosted guides, or add the guides to your own support site.
Self-paced training

This self-paced, interactive training guides new users through their core apps with:

  • Videos of key concepts
  • Tours of Gmail, Calendar, and Drive
  • Modules with common tasks
  • Quizzes to reinforce knowledge

Get a in-depth and interactive look at Gmail, Calendar, and Drive.

Click different areas of the guide to learn about that part of the interface.

Quick-start tours

Send your users to our site, to take interactive tours of:

Add tours to your site

Add the tours to your support site, and as we update our tours, your site updates, too! Here are your options: