Learning center for your users

Our learning center includes everything your users need to make the transition to Google Apps—all from one site. Point users to our publicly available site now. Or customize the site for use within your own domain.
Point users to this public site

learn.googleapps.com »

Here they'll find users guides, videos, and FAQs for:

  • Using Google Apps mail, calendar, and documents
  • Switching from Microsoft Outlook® or Lotus Notes®
  • Setting up a mobile device
  • Migrating data to Google Apps
  • Mastering apps in the workplace
  • And much more!
Or customize this site for your domain

To deploy this site with your own content and within your own domain, customize our site template. No matter how large your deployment, you can typically have your site up and running within a day. Here's how:

  1. Open the template.
  2. In its upper-right corner, click Use this template.
  3. Learn to customize the template.

If you'd like to customize this site but aren't enabling Google Sites for users in your domain, try this: Create the template in a separate Google Apps domain—for example, yourcompany-gapps.com—and share it with your users from there.