Launch Google Drive in your organization      

With Google Drive, you and your users can easily store, access, edit, and share files across all your devices. 

Follow our launch plan to accelerate adoption among your users and help them make the most of this powerful tool!

Why use Google Drive? 1:39

Resources for IT administrators
Google Drive launch plan Start with this document. Get detailed instructions on launching Google Drive for your users.
Creating a file share Step-by-step instructions on creating a shared folder in Google Drive where users can upload, organize, and share a common set of files.

Audience: Managers who want to set up files shares for their team.

Email template:
 Company announcement
Announce your company's plan to use Google Drive (contains a link to the Google Drive video).

When to send: As soon as your organization decides to use Google Drive.

Email template:
Getting started with Google Drive message
Information about how to get started using Google Drive (contains links to users guides and setup instructions).

When to send: When you're ready to launch Google Drive in your organization.

Email template:
Google Drive new user welcome message
Message welcoming a new employee to Google Drive.

When to send: Right after you create a Google Apps account for the new employee.

Resources for your users

Once you launch Google Drive in your organization, point your users to the following resources to get them started using Drive. They can access these resources at our public learning center. These resources are also available if you build your own learning center using our custom Sites template.

Get started with Google Drive  Learn to set up Google Drive, sync with your PC, Mac, or Android, and perform other common tasks.
Going Google with Google Drive
YouTube | Google Doc
1:39 video. Get your users excited about Google Drive with this quick introduction to the benefits. To customize, download source files (requires Adobe After Effects CS5.5 or newer)
Google Docs resources  Get more user guides on collaborating with Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides.