Basic setup steps - Get started with Google Apps in minutes

Get started with Apps

To get started with Apps, you need to be signed in to your Google Apps account. Your Google Apps username is the email address you created when you signed up for Google Apps.

Note: This is most likely your professional email address and contains your company’s domain name, like If you can’t remember your username or password, click Need help? on the Sign-in page.

Follow the steps below to set up your apps. Then, if you need more technical details for large enterprises, visit Enterprise Deployment. When you’re set up, visit Train your team to get your users up to speed with Apps.

Step 1: Verify your domain ownership

your domain is
Sign in to your Admin console to verify that you own your domain ( Your domain is your website address, like or This one-time security check ensures that no one else can make unauthorized changes to your domain. You can verify more than one domain.

Do it now: Get started with verification by signing in to your Admin consoleWe’ll walk you through how to verify your domain

Having trouble? Our Google Apps Support Team is available 24/7 to help you with this step.

Step 2: Add your users

Add your users from your Admin console
Before your team can use Google Apps, you have to create their user account and emails in your Admin console. There is no limit to the number of users you can add to your account. When you set up your billing, you can decide between a flexible monthly plan or an annual plan.

Do it now: Find out more about adding users, then sign in to your Admin console to add your team.

Step 3: Set up Gmail

Change your MX records to set up Gmail
Once you’ve added your users, we’ll show you how to redirect your organization's email to Gmail. 

The setup wizard in your Admin console will help you identify or look up your email provider (your domain host) and walk you through the process to change your MX records. 

Your emails will will continue to go to your current email program until the change takes effect. After that, new email will come to your Gmail account. Existing messages will remain where they are until you migrate them to Gmail.

Do it now: Sign in to your Admin console to see the Setup Wizard, or learn more about setting up your MX records.

Step 4: Add your billing details

Add your billing details before the end of your trial
You should set up billing early so there’s no interruption in your email or other services when your trial ends after 30 days. Flexible monthly billing: With this option, you can add or delete users and cancel your Google Apps account at any time. Any users you add or delete are billed pro-rated for the month. Annual billing: With this plan, you choose the number of users and can take advantage of a discounted rate when you commit to a full year with Google Apps. Any users you add beyond the initial number your purchased are billed pro-rated for the year.

Do it now: To set up your billing details, sign in to your Admin console and click Billing.

Step 5: Get started with apps

Set up your apps quickly and easily with our guides
Once you’ve finished setting up your account, it’s time to start exploring. Get set up on mobile, customize your Gmail signature, migrate your existing email, and more. Check out our quick-start guides for administrators (that’s you!).

Do it now. Set up your apps in just a few minutes: 

Set up your Gmail

Set up Hangouts for your meetings

Set up your Calendar

Migrate your contacts

Move your files to Drive

Make communications easier with Groups for Business

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