Deploy Google Apps across your organization

You’re now ready to deploy to your entire organization.

Set up billing

Sign in to your admin control panel and click Set up Billing to add your billing details so you can enjoy uninterrupted service and buy licenses for your whole team.

Create accounts for all your users

Next, add your remaining users individually or in bulk by syncing with your LDAP or Active Directory server.

Migrate data

Once all your team is on Apps, you should migrate their data using the migration tool you tested during the pilot.

Set up shared Calendar resources

Set up shared calendar resources to schedule meetings in your organization’s conference rooms, reserve company cars, or manage other shared resources.

 Redirect your email to Gmail

When you're ready to begin using Gmail, redirect your domain's mail flow to Google servers. You do this by changing your MX records at your domain host. Sign in to your Admin console and click Set up Gmail in the wizard at the top of your screen to get guided help to do this.
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Train your users

You’re ready to go! Decide when new Apps features are made available to your team, and direct them to the Google Apps Learning Center for tips on using Apps.

Choose when new Apps features are made available to your team

With Google Apps, you and your users receive new features and updates automatically, without needing to install or update software. However, you can still control when new features become available, both for users, and in your administrator control panel.

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