Large enterprise change management for Google Apps
Recommended for businesses with any of the following:

Multiple domains
More than 750 users
Large volume of user data to import
SSO or advanced authentication 
Complex CRM/ERP integration
Legacy BlackBerry® Enterprise Server 

90 day enterprise rollout (3 phases)

  Core IT staff begins using Google Apps (30 days)
Day 0-30: Set up Google Apps user accounts and mailflow for your core IT staff so they can begin using apps in their daily work. Plan your organization's data migration, mobile, and authentication strategies. And announce the upcoming transition to your users.
  Early adopters begin using Apps (30 days)
Day 31-60: Create accounts and route mail for a selection of early adopters (~5% of your users). Begin migrating their mail, calendar, and contact data to Google Apps and configuring their mobile devices. Continue reminding users about the upcoming change, and plan your Help desk operations.
  Go live for all users (30 days)

Day 61-90: Create Google Apps accounts for your remaining users. Then finish migrating everyone's data and launch your authentication services. After that, you can route all your users' mail to Google Apps!

As soon as you go live, be sure your Help desk is up and running, then help users finish configuring mobile devices.

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Training & deployment quicklinks

Quick-start admin guides

Get your organization ready for your users. Set up Gmail, Hangouts, Calendar, Drive and Groups for Business for your organization.

Train your users 

Train your users to make the most of their new services. Videos, updates, and the Learning Center are there to make the transition easier for your team.

Build your support team

Everyone needs a little help sometimes. Add your organization support details to your users' sign-in page and build your own support team.